International Club Challenge (19th-22nd March)


Firstly, huge congratulations to everyone who ran in the Welsh National Road Relays last month that made this selection possible.


Now, we are up against Scotland (Edinburgh University Hare & Hounds) Northern Ireland (North Belfast Harriers) and England (Wirral Runners)

This will be a 5mile event, with runs recorded between Friday 19th March and Monday 22nd March and then uploaded via Strava/Garmin to Opentrack. 

All participants must pre-register by the 18th March 2021 at:

The full rules and further details can be found below.

Any questions please either use the facebook group or email Laud ( 

As before the fastest 4 women and 4 men will be automatically calculated and will go head to head with the other three clubs.

Hope to see a fantastic turnout from the club!  Good Luck!

Challenge Rules 

Distances must be run between 00:00 on Day 1 (Friday 19/3/21) and 23:59 on Day 4 (Monday 22/3/21) of the challenge.  

Results must be submitted by 12:00 on Day 5 of the challenge, using the instructions on the entry page. Runs should be named ‘Virtual Challenge’ 

ALL runs must start and finish at around the same point (max 1km radius from start) – either lapped or out and back, this mitigates against downhill courses.  Point-to-point runs are not allowed.  Where possible pick a flat route.

Advice:  Ensure that any hills you run down, you are also running up, to ensure that the gradient loss and gain are equal. Example:  If you live on a hill, and start your run from the top of the hill (i.e you do not include this in your run and walk to that start) do not finish the run by running down the hill in the last few metres and ending with a net downhill gradient, this is likely to be disqualified. 

Lapped off-track courses must not include laps of less than 1km. 

Athletes MUST avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks. 

Be considerate to other people by keeping a 2m (minimum) distance at all times when passing in public. 

Do not drive somewhere to run unless absolutely necessary – stay close to home or your usual training venue, current Welsh Government Legislation is stay local (within 5miles of your home).

You may attempt the Challenge more than once, but only your final submitted result will be accepted. 

Runs completed on a certified synthetic running track are admissible with the provision that they are: a) supervised by a UKA Licenced Coach b) backed up by suitable GPS data showing full completion of the challenge distance as measured on the track (number of completed laps) This is not available in Wales.

Club group runs organised and supervised by a UKA qualified coach are acceptable for results purposes. Track facilities must be open and government and facility owners rules must be adhered to or disqualification will result. This is not available in Wales.

 All current government guidelines regarding physical distancing must be strictly adhered to. Any changes to government guidelines will be implemented immediately.