FIRST EVER Virtual Lliswerry 8 (Lliswerry Members Only)

As a huge thank you to all our members, for all the years making Lliswerry 8 the amazing race it is.......this year's race is just for you! 

Lliswerry 8 Events

  • For Adult Members:
    • "Lliswerry 8" – 8 miles as an individual 
    • "Senior Lliswerry 8 Relay" – 8 miles completed by two team members running 4 miles each
  • For Junior Members:
    • "Junior 800 Metres" – 800 metres as an individual 
    • "Junior Lliswerry 8 Relay" – 8 miles completed by four team members running 2 miles each 

How to participate

  1. You either need to create an OpenTrack account by clicking here and then clicking the “Sign up” button OR have someone with an OpenTrack account enter or your behalf.
    • You will be asked for your date of birth "dd/mm/yyyy" which is for your age category.
    • You will receive a confirmation email upon successful sign up.
    • If you already have an account go to next step.
  2. Go to our event page.
    • Remember to log in.
  3. Click on the green “Enter here” button or by clicking here
    • You can enter as an individual, as a relay team member or both. 
    • For relay entries, please send your team name & members to We can then set up your team on OpenTrack which will then be available to select upon entry.
    • If you'd like us to find you another member to make your team please email us at
    • You will receive an entry confirmation email.
  4. Run set event distance before the end of January.
    • You can run as many times as you like. 
  5. Submit your results manually or by Strava/Garmin upload by clicking on one of the yellow buttons on our event page.  
    • Remember to log in.
    • The time format for manual upload is “hh:mm:ss”.
    • You can submit multiple times. The system will overwrite your last entry.
    • Detailed Strava/Garmin upload instructions can be found by clicking here.
  6. Results can be checked on our event page by clicking on the blue “Start Lists/Results” button or the very bottom “Scores” button which will show the relay results.


Event T-Shirts

Limited edition Virtual Lliswerry 8 t-shirts are available in Junior and Senior sizes. 

Order yours by completing the T shirt order form. Link emailed to all members.


Do I need to register with OpenTrack to be able to enter the Virtual Lliswerry 8 events?  No, someone registered with OpenTrack can submit an entry for you.

If I am registered with OpenTrack, could I enter someone else for the events? Yes you can, you will be given this option when you click on the green “Edit Entry/Add Athletes” button on the event page. 

Can I delete my entry? Yes you can delete any entries you have done by clicking on the green “Edit Entry/Add Athletes” button on the event page.

Can I delete my results? No, you will need to email to have your result removed.

Can I enter more than one relay team? No, only one relay entry is permitted.

Do I need to select my relay team when I submit my results? No, you have already selected your team when you signed up. The system will now assign all your results to this team

Can I submit more than one result per event?  Yes, you can overwrite your results up until midnight of January 31st.

Can we have the same team name for the Senior and Junior relays?  Yes, you can ask for a team name to be created and then use that name for a team of 4 in the Junior relay and for a team of 2 in the Senior relay.

Can you have more than the defined number of people in a relay team?  Yes, but only the two fastest times (Senior relay) or four fastest times (Junior relay) will count and be shown in the results.

Can you have any number of male/female members in the relay teams? Yes, your team can be made up of same or mixed sexes of any age within the Senior/Junior parameters