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Matt Creed tells us about running 60 half marathons

How did I come to do 60 half marathons? Well, I started with one that was a bet. Someone bet me that I couldn’t run a half marathon. That was in 2007.

I decided I could, so I entered Bristol Half. I started training a few months before aware of the fact I’d never really run before and hated it in school. I think I’d covered about half a mile in my first training session and thought I was going to die, there was no way I’d make it through another 12.5 of these…
But I carried on and got to Bristol and finished it in around 1hr 32. I was aiming for 1.50.

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Lliswerry Ladies Medal Glory at Welsh 5K Road Champs

Parc Bryn Bach, Tredegar hosted the annual Welsh 5km Road Race Championships on Saturday 1st August.  It was billed as a summer evening of fantastic running in the Welsh valleys. Unfortunately the weather disappointed with wet and windy conditions so the summer evening never materialised. However, our Lliswerry ladies didn’t disappoint, delivering the fantastic running as advertised.

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A chat with John Hill

John Hill was one of the founding members of Lliswerry Runners and served as Club Secretary from 1985 – 2005. He was made a Life Member for his services to the Club in 2005. As we celebrate our 30th year we thought it a good opportunity to catch up with John to find out how it all started.

Chris Matthews (CM): So who decided to start a running club?

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