Richard Elgar's club results

Best Parkrun in December (CC) Results5 km17:48
Cardiff Half 2018 Results (CC)13.1 miles1:20:03
Marathon results in 201826.2 miles2:57:04
GLCL Race 2 - Rogerstone (CC)7 km1:01:00
AGM 5K Time Trial5 km18:45
Cardiff Half Marathon 2017 (CC)13.1 miles1:26:25
Riverfront 5km Time Trial5 km18:41
Best Newport parkrun in August (CC)5 km21:02
Crooked Mile 2017 (CC)1 miles05:40
GLCL Road Race 5 - Cwmbran9 km21:00
GLCL X/C 2016/17 Race 3 Monmouth10 km00:50
December Parkrun 2016 Club Champ Results5 km18:56
5km Time Trial5 km18:36
Any Marathon in 2016 (CC)26.2 miles2:56:13
Champagne Mile 20161 miles05:14
Cardiff Half Marathon 2016 (cc)13.1 miles1:21:54
Crooked Mile (CC)1 miles05:26
Newport Half Marathon 2016 Results13.1 miles1:27:46
Any Newport parkrun in December 20155 km18:52
Champagne Mile 20151 miles05:23
Cardiff Half Marathon 2015 (CC)13.1 miles1:26:38
Crooked Mile 2015 (CC)1 miles05:18
Asics Manchester Marathon 201526.2 miles3:04:25
HBA 20 miles - Llanelli20 miles2:27:37
Any Marathon in 201526.2 miles3:04:25
Gloucester 20 Miler 201520 miles2:17:51
City of Newport Half Marathon13.1 miles1:24:56
December parkruns 2014 (CC)5 km19:51
Prosseco Mile (Race 3)1 miles05:38
Aug 2014 Track Mile - Groups 1 & 2 1 miles05:34
Gloucester 20 Miler20 miles2:29:47
Any Marathon in 2014(CC)26.2 miles4:57:25
Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon (CC)13.1 miles1:30:19
Pontypool Home Run (CC)10 km41:27
5K Time Trial Result5 km20:17
Cardiff Half Marathon Results (Club Championship)13.1 miles1:37:31
Champagne Mile Results1 miles05:40
Best Newport Parkrun Result (Club Championship)5 km20:49
Any 2013 Marathon (Club Championship)26.2 miles3:59:41