Antoinette Dumayne's club results

1 Mile Track Race (CC)1 miles05:37
Best Parkrun in December (CC) Results5 km18:50
Howling Bull 2018 Results6 miles50:26
Cardiff Half 2018 Results (CC)13.1 miles1:29:57
Track Mile Results (CC)1 miles05:38
Sirhowy Challenge 2018 (CC)10 miles1:21:01
Gwent League XC Pontypool10 km00:03
Marathon results in 201826.2 miles3:28:03
GLCL Race 2 - Rogerstone (CC)7 km04:00
Best Newport parkrun in August (CC)5 km21:17
Crooked Mile 2017 (CC)1 miles05:55
Rose Inn 4 Mile Series Best Result (CC)4 miles25:33
GLCL Road Race 4 - Pontypool10 km30:00
GLCL Road Race 3 - Parc Penallta8 km22:00
GLCL Road Race 2 - Llanhennock (CC)8 km28:00
GLCL Road Race 1 - Parc Bryn Bach (CC)10 km20:00
Gilwern Grunt 2017 (CC)7.5 miles1:11:42
5km Time Trial: Riverfront parkrun5 km19:57
Marathon 2017 results (CC)26.2 miles3:36:25
GLCL XC Race 5 : Chepstow Results10 km00:03
Newport Half 2017 Results (CC)13.1 miles1:36:42
GLCL XC Race 4: Usk Results10 km00:17
GLCL X/C 2016/17 Race 3 Monmouth10 km00:13
December Parkrun 2016 Club Champ Results5 km21:49
Newport Half Marathon 2016 Results13.1 miles1:33:41
Cardiff Half Marathon 2015 (CC)13.1 miles1:38:30
Crooked Mile 2015 (CC)1 miles06:04
400m Time Trial - 15th July 20150.4 km01:18
800M Time Trial - 15th July 20150.8 km02:47
1500m Time Trial - 15th July1.5 km05:28
Tintern Trot 2015 (CC)6 miles49:16
Royal Forest of Dean Spring Half Marathon 201513.1 miles1:36:00
City of Newport Half Marathon13.1 miles1:29:26
Pontypool 10K Home Run10 km42:06
December parkruns 2014 (CC)5 km21:24
Bog & Bryn Results (CC)13.6 miles2:11:06
Cardiff Half Marathon 201413.1 miles1:40:42
Wentwood Woodlark (CC)8 miles1:13:26
Caerphilly 10K (CC)10 km43:34
5k Time Trial - 30th April 20145 km20:49
Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon (CC)13.1 miles1:35:58
Cardiff Half Marathon Results (Club Championship)13.1 miles1:39:29
Best Newport Parkrun Result (Club Championship)5 km20:55
Best Rose Inn Results (Club Championship)4 miles27:08
Murder Mile Results (Club Championship)1 miles12:01
Caerphilly 10K Results (Club Championship)10 km43:11
Riverbank Rollick Results (Club Championship)9 miles1:17:03
Newport Half Marathon Results (Club Championship)13.1 miles1:35:23