Road Speed Session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

Please note different training locations for different groups, full details to be provided by group leads on the night:

Group 1 & 2: SDR Bridge Intervals (Westbound)

Group 3 & 4: SDR Intervals towards Coldra (Eastbound)

Group 5 & 6: Queensway Intervals from Macdonalds (Southbound)

Hill Tempo Session

Meeting Location: 
Civic Centre

Please note different training locations for different groups;

Group 1 & 2: Barrack Hill Reps (Depart at 18:40pm)

Group 3 & 4: Dewsland Park Hill Reps (Depart at 18:40pm)

Group 5 & 6: HighCross Horror (Group 6 Depart at 18:35pm, Group 5 Depart at 18:45pm)

Sunday Trail Run

Meeting Location: 

Sunday Trail Run A social off road run covering fields, woods, forestry terrain, mud and hills. There may be nature's obstacles on any of the chosen routes. Trail shoes are a must. It's all about having fun on our awesome trails.

Strength and Conditioning

Meeting Location: 
Newport Velodrome

Strength and conditioning for runners.

The aim is to improve core strength and stability over the autumn/winter to help runners smash their PBs in 2018!

The class focuses on strength and conditioning work including core stability, with body weight exercises to help build strength and build major muscle groups that are key to effective running: glutes, quads and abdominals.

A towel and bottle of water is necessary, you are also welcome to bring your own mats

Hywel Jones

When did you join?: 
How long have you been running?: 
5 Years
What's your favourite running surface?: 
How did you start running?: 
Started doing a couch to 5K program on a treadmill at home, then my friend Jacko persuaded me to go to parkrun at Tredegar House. I managed to make it around without stopping and have had the running bug ever since.
Any message to newcomers?: 
Get to a parkrun and enjoy the experience. Try and attend the club training sessions to meet people with similar abilities. If you feel up for it enter a few local races. Lliswerry is a friendly club so if you have any questions or concerns then just ask.

Ponty Plod 2017 (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
321Richard Foster1:19:23
322Miles Thomas1:24:27
323Jack Rowland1:26:11
324Sandra Chipper1:26:12
325Emma Wookey1:27:30
326Gavin Brace1:27:31
327Phil Boorman1:32:01
328Nicky Collin1:33:49
329Richard Basham1:33:54
330Bob Watson1:35:21
331Oliver Hughes1:37:11
332Tim Reese1:37:34
333Owen Davies1:38:30
334Paul Chick1:40:06
335Robert Tudhope1:40:23
336Michael Cleaver1:40:34
337Martyn Bidwell1:41:30
338Sarah Lauder1:41:50
339Chris Jones1:42:19
340Neil Williams1:43:07
341Chris Davies1:43:58
342Paula Williams1:44:22
343Justin Pocknell1:44:31
344Paul Day1:45:52
345Liz Richards1:46:29
346Marina Wright1:47:32
347Huw Evans1:49:05
348Paul Dursley1:50:18
349Tracie Williams-Rowe1:50:51
350Anthony Evans1:50:58
351Randal Jones1:51:45
352Dave Webster1:51:58
353Karen Payne1:53:44
354Rhianydd Evans1:54:54
355Jon Stones1:56:03
356James Kershaw-Naylor1:58:45
357Simeon Lolin2:00:53
358Sean Davey2:01:18
359Neil Chipper2:01:19
360Steven Houghton 2:02:04


AGM 5K Time Trial

Results from the 5K time trial held before the annual AGM - AKA the Cider 5K!

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
321John Bevan17:37
322Martin Norton17:39
323Jon Belcher18:37
324Tom Bland18:39
325Richard Elgar18:45
326Alun King18:50
327Phil Boorman19:16
328Russell Schmidt19:30
329David Jacob19:36
330Owen Davies19:40
331James Pearce19:49
332Simon Gill19:51
333Rhys Jones20:00
334Robert Davies20:02
335Steve Pemberton20:09
336Chris Jones20:11
337Michael Cleaver20:20
338Geraint Heath20:31
339James Kershaw-Naylor20:48
340Martyn Bidwell21:01
341Vaughn Hughes21:04
342Oliver Hughes21:12
343Sophie Henshall21:15
344Jack Thomas21:25
345Christopher Matthews21:37
346Tom Atkin21:43
347David Brown21:49
348Desmond Jones21:57
349Thomas Watkins22:00
350Olivia Hiscocks22:11
351Eddie Hiscocks22:12
352Michael Titley22:16
353Stephanie Rhodes22:17
354Ryan Jones22:44
355Jeremy Dickson22:57
356Chris Davies23:15
357Mike Pobjoy23:17
358Sarah Kembrey23:34
359Rachel Bowen23:37
360Huw Evans23:42



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