Lliswerry 8 - Statement from Fabian4 regarding the problems entering the 2018 Lliswerry 8 Race

"We offer our apology for the difficulties faced by entrants to the Lliswerry 8 Race on Friday 1st December
We have handled several high demand events in the past without any problems, and so it is with deep regret that we were unable to do the same on this occasion. This was due to the exceptional demand on top of peak time entries for other races we had live at the time.
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GLCL Race 2 - Rogerstone (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)
81Sandra Chipper
82Nicky Collin
83Emma Wookey
84Antoinette Dumayne
85Victoria Hobbs
86Megan Holmes
87Paula Williams
88Marina Wright
89Rachel Bowen
90Elinor Phillips
91Sarah Kembrey
92Liz Richards
93Claire Webster
94Karen Payne
95Charlotte Moran
96Rachel Kennedy
97Sonja Breese
98Cerianne Jenkins
99Helen Thomas
100Michelle Clabon
101Phoebe Russell
102Tracey Barrington
103Suzanne Mainwaring
104Valerie Clare
105Trudy Hurford
106Ceri Donovan
107Susan Webster
108Jayne Bentall
109Vanessa Pritchard
110Julie Davies
111Louise Hopkins
112Joanne Henshall
113Julie Gibson
114Yvonne Forsey
115Clare Anderson
116Mei Cheung
117Lisa Nicholls
118Julia Groombridge
119Maria Atkin
120Gwyn Howells


Leaving the NISV head to the wetlands centre through Nash and around the outside of the park. Saltmarsh Lane back onto the Lliswerry 8 route,turn right and follow the L8 route through Goldcliff and Whitson and back to the NISV.

Trail run - Abercarn Mash Up

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This Thursday's trail run will be a mash-up of trails from Abercarn, distance will be around 6 miles with a few hills (including the sting in the tAle). As always, head torches are essential!

Meet at St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX at 6.30 for a prompt 6.45 start.


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