Sirhowy Challenge 2018 (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
601Richard Jones1:08:30
602Jon Belcher1:10:31
603Rhys Knight 1:11:53
604David Jacob1:12:05
605Sandra Chipper1:12:50
606Emma Wookey1:16:42
607Michael Cleaver1:18:29
608Richard Basham1:18:54
609James Kershaw-Naylor1:19:37
610Nicky Collin1:19:50
611Sammi Toop1:20:41
612Bob Watson1:20:50
613Antoinette Dumayne1:21:01
614Justin Griffiths1:21:24
615Ian Harrhy1:23:57
616Chris Jones1:25:53
617Gavin Perkins1:26:31
618Paula Williams1:27:14
619Stuart Lukins1:27:20
620Kevin Dupé1:27:23
621Sarah Lauder1:27:39
622Oliver Hughes1:30:27
623Chris Davies1:30:58
624Peta Daniels1:31:10
625Mark Faulkner1:31:14
626Elinor Phillips1:31:50
627Liz Richards1:35:26
628Paul Dursley1:35:41
629Andrew Barry1:35:48
630Howard Attwood1:37:35
631Sam Skelton1:37:57
632Mike Pobjoy1:38:31
633Emily Chinn1:39:19
634Huw Evans1:40:19
635Sonja Breese1:44:26
636Tim Wright1:44:40
637Randal Jones1:46:25
638Dave Webster1:47:50
639Lisa Nicholls1:51:26
640Claire Scott1:53:11


Trail Run - Bluebell

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This week's trail run will be Bluebell from ABERCARN - sixish miles with a few ups and downs and hopefully this time there'll be lots of bluebells!  All abilities welcome, this is a social run with regular regrouping.

Meet St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn NP11 5GX and 6.30 for a prompt 6.45 start. 

5km Time Trial

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm

All groups 5km time trial using the Rivefront parkrun course (if you can't run and would like to volunteer please let the coaching team know!)

Group 1 - 4: Run to the start 

Group 5 - 6: Drive to the start

Time Trial start approx 19:00pm

Mountain Road

Meeting Location: 
14 Locks Canal Centre

All groups meet at 14 Locks Canal Centre at 18:30pm for an 18:40pm departure

All groups:

25 mins out - Mountain Road

Under 25 mins back - towards 14 Lock

Please take on road crossings etc

Weds Easy Fartlek Session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups meet at NISV @ 18:30pm (All Spring Marathoners: Tokyo, Manchester, Brighton, Boston, London & NEWPORT! please wear your T-Shirt & Medal for a group photo before training!)

Group Leaders will provide session details on the night, depart NISV at 18:45pm

All groups Road Fartlek Session


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