on... The Great North Run

Sam, smiling proudly after her run!After a surprise success in the ballot back in February, I had my flights booked and ready before leaving for home and telling my wife. I wasn't running back in February, still in recovery after a "running repair" and getting a place in the GNR was all the inspiration that I needed to get me back on my feet.

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on... Cheering not Jeering

Random thoughts on... cheering, not jeering

Recently, it occurred to me that what I thought of as encouraging banter may be mis-construed. The phrase that I caught myself using was “push him”. With a bit more time and eloquence, I would have said “keep going, and help the person in front to push on faster towards the finish”. As it happened, I didn’t, and the person “in front” looked straight at me, pretty worried if truth be told! That was my first mistake. The second mistake was not dubbing the recording before uploading it to Facebook.

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on... Heat

Random thoughts on... heat!

The past week or so, I’ve been suffering with the heat. When you’re hot, you’re stressed. Everything seems harder as your body tries to cope. You slow down, get despondent and become more prone to injury.

The problem for me at the moment is not so much the temperature, but how sudden the change was. Personally, I haven’t adjusted yet, but this has made me think about the various strategies that I employ to deal with the heat. I’m interested in how many of these work for you, or indeed what I’ve missed out. So, in no particular order...

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