on... Cheering not Jeering

Random thoughts on... cheering, not jeering

Recently, it occurred to me that what I thought of as encouraging banter may be mis-construed. The phrase that I caught myself using was “push him”. With a bit more time and eloquence, I would have said “keep going, and help the person in front to push on faster towards the finish”. As it happened, I didn’t, and the person “in front” looked straight at me, pretty worried if truth be told! That was my first mistake. The second mistake was not dubbing the recording before uploading it to Facebook.

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on... Heat

Random thoughts on... heat!

The past week or so, I’ve been suffering with the heat. When you’re hot, you’re stressed. Everything seems harder as your body tries to cope. You slow down, get despondent and become more prone to injury.

The problem for me at the moment is not so much the temperature, but how sudden the change was. Personally, I haven’t adjusted yet, but this has made me think about the various strategies that I employ to deal with the heat. I’m interested in how many of these work for you, or indeed what I’ve missed out. So, in no particular order...

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on... Pacing Stats

Random thoughts on... pacing stats

With pacing week coming up this Saturday at parkrun, and being a fan of facts and figures (especially figures), I thought I’d do a little analysis.

June’s pacer parkrun was a bit special – “midsummer madness”, providing one pacer for every minute from 20 to 35 minutes.

I took details of the runners pacing at each minute, together with the following statistics:

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on... Caerphilly 10K

Random thoughts on... Caerphilly

This weekend saw the inaugural Caerphilly 10K. This was quite a personal event for me as I grew up in Caerphilly, so forgive my bias on this Report. In those days, I had the athletic interest of a Shetland Pony, and wouldn’t have dreamed of doing anything like running, this was a chance to go back and show Caerphilly what I am capable of.

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on... Surface

This week’s thoughts were brought on by an event in Cardiff last Saturday. No, not the “naked bike ride” Mike, but the Salomon City Trail Running Event in Bute Park.

I had planned to attend, but unfortunately the wind brought down a fence and our Saturday was spent fixing that instead. Still, I fancy going further with Trail running.

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on... PBs

So, what’s in a PB? Following a spate of PBs recorded at recent parkrun and at the world-famout LTT (Lliswerry Time Trials), I’ve put together a few words on achieving a PB. Note: PB being Personal Best, not a PR (Personal Record).

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on... Parkrun

Forgive me parkrun, for I have sinned... it was not my fault... I wasn’t alone... going through the “back woods” at the bottom of the lake, I found myself on an unfamiliar path. The runners in front had taken a short-cut, and I unwittingly joined them. This threw me slightly once I realised, but what to do? Trying to correct the situation would have put me and other runners in danger – 180 degrees is not my best angle. I looked behind, and saw that my Mike had followed, so I kept on going.

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on... Podcasts

Now, I’ve written in the past about things that you can do, or not do while you’re running. How about something to pass the time when you’re not running?

How about Podcasts? Podcasts are like radio shows, but with a very specific focus – a good selection of which are all about Running.

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on... Restraint

Running is fun. That’s why we do it – well, one of the reasons anyway. But how much fun is too much? Can you have too much fun? When it causes pain, then yes. When it causes you not to be able to run and have more fun – hell yes!

I’ve had a few “Incidents” since taking up running. Both of them were painful, worrying (to myself and my family), costly (through insurance excesses) and involved minor operations to resolve. I’d like to think that I’ve learned a lot through this experience, hopefully enough to prevent it happening again.

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