Safety Notice: Beware crossing roads. Particular attention to crossing Caerleon Rd. Use protected crossing point by junction with Church Rd. Always obey Highway Code. Refer to Runners Safety Code on this website. Look out for your club members. Ladies regroup when returning back through Old Green Crossing.

Start at Civic Centre

(Group 6 @6:35pm, Group 5 @6:40pm, Group 4 @ 6:45pm, Group 3 @6:50pm, Group 2 @6:55pm, Group 1 @7:00pm)

Take road behind Newport station to Old Green Crossing then on to Clarence Place.

Take Caerleon Rd, Church Rd then up Church Hill onto Christchurch Rd.

Follow all the way to the Greyhound pub then return the same route until taking a left turn down St Julian's Rd and left again to Caerleon Rd.

Retrace back to Clarence Place, Old Green Crossing & Civic Centre.



Safety Notice: Take care crossing roads. Obey Highway Code. Refer to Lliswerry Runners safety code & take good care of your clubmates!

Start from the Civic Centre, Newport

(Group 6 @6:35pm, Group 5 @6:40pm, Group 4 @ 6:45pm, Group 3 @6:50pm, Group 2 @6:55pm, Group 1 @7:00pm)

Oakfield Rd, Risca Rd, M4 j27, Highcross Rd.

Take left at mini roundabout into Chartist Drive then Tregwilym Rd

Take Western Valley Rd behind 3 Moguls into Basseleg Rd.

After hill, cross at lights then drop back down to Civic Centre.


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