on... the Club Championships

Last year, I attended the Club Championship awards night and was amazed to discover that I'd come third in my age category (Senior Male 40-44). Third - when I only joined Lliswerry part of the way through the year, limped my way through the Cardiff Half and then took the rest of the year off due to injury. During the evening, I studied the list of 2013 races and thought - I'm going to make this my mission for 2013.

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Hartland Hartbreaker

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Hartland Abbey, Hartland

The Hartland Hartbreaker is a tough 17 mile off road, multi terrain running race. It is not for the faint-harted! You will encounter sections of exposed cliff tops, muddy tracks, uneven paths, long sections off path with no discernible route, river crossings, steep, slippery difficult sections (some with ropes) and generally a real tough, long and challenging run.


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