on... the Sodbury Slog

Well, the Sodbury Slog was yesterday. I booked it months ago and largely forgot about this 10K race through muddy fields. James wasn't running at the time that I booked it, so I was to go it alone. Two weeks ago, I re-checked things and it turned out to be 9.5 miles and sold out, much to James' annoyance. Luckilly for James, Simon "Gilly" Gill had an attack of the man-flu last week and bailed on Friday. Keith James initially got the place, but suddenly realised that he had something else on that day (clearly the 9.5 miles was not worth getting out of bed for), and James stepped up.

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on... The Cardiff Half

I have a few goals for 2013. One of them is unique to me - to run the Cardiff Half without requiring a knee operation afterwards. The previous two years have seen me experiencing issues, not necessarily caused by running, but I've followed the same pattern of injury during August, Cardiff Half in October, surgery in December. Not recommended.

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