For Luca 5k

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
4721Alun King19:42
4722Paul Dursley24:02
4723Lee Mills25:26
4724Christopher Hill25:55
4725Adrian Grimshaw25:56
4726Paul Day27:11
4727Adrian Hayward27:12
4728Stephen Williams27:13
4729Oliver Harris27:14
4730Matthew Armstrong27:15
4731Richard Lowcock James28:16
4732Jane Ellingham29:34
4733Ray Ellingham29:35
4734Cara Gates30:01
4735Dave Westley30:03
4736Chris Chouls30:14
4737Nick Davies30:15
4738Steve Collard30:25
4739Lisa Bateman31:32
4740David Bateman31:32
4741Ceri Donovan31:33
4742Nick Jackson31:33
4743Linda Spillane31:36
4744Chris Gentle31:40
4745Simon Gill32:31
4746Gareth Andrew32:31
4747Geoff Banks32:53
4748Dee Clark34:08
4749Kerry Howard34:08
4750Ruth King34:08
4751Sarah Lauder34:08
4752Tim Eames34:48
4753Roni Margerison39:50


Bramley 20

Meeting Location: 
Bramley Primary School, RG26 5AH

eading Roadrunners, in conjunction with the Sweatshop are pleased to announce the 2014 Bramley 20/10 will take place onSunday 16th February 2014, at Bramley Primary School, RG26 5AH and will be held under UK Athletic rules.

Entries are open until 3rd February 2014 subject to race limit being reached.

NOTE: There will be a charge of £2 per car for car parking payable on the day.

There are strictly no entries on the day.

Age limits are 18 years for both 10 mile and 20 mile races.


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