Lock Lustre

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
14 Locks Canal Centre

All groups to meet at 14 Locks Canal Centre.

All groups depart at 18:40pm.

25 mins out, less than 25 mins back.

Please handicap at the start, Group 1 at the front, Group 6 at the back.

Please take care on any junctions.

Trail run - Straight up (Short route)

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This Thursday's Trail run will be the return of one of our old routes - straight up (short version). The felling has changed the second half of this route, so if the wether's kind there'll be great views, but lack of trees will make it exposed if there's wind or rain! There are also loose sheep on the second half, so dogs should preferably be kept on a lead. As usual it's a social run open to all abilities with regular regrouping, it's about 5 - 6 miles and not flat! ;)

Meet at St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX at 6.30 for a prompt 6.45 start.

Trail Run - Twmptasticish from CWMCARN

Meeting Location: 
Cwmcarn Scenic Drive

This week's trail run will be a variation of the Twmptastic route, due to felling we'll use the Scenic drive road - it's less steep that the first part of the usual route, but goes on for longer! From Cark Park 1 we can then rejoin the usual route, inlcuding the Twmp (unless the weather's really bad!) Route will be just short of 6 miles, as usual it's a social run open to all, with regular rerouping.

Sirhowy Challenge 2018 (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
441Richard Jones1:08:30
442Jon Belcher1:10:31
443Rhys Knight 1:11:53
444David Jacob1:12:05
445Sandra Chipper1:12:50
446Emma Wookey1:16:42
447Michael Cleaver1:18:29
448Richard Basham1:18:54
449James Kershaw-Naylor1:19:37
450Nicky Collin1:19:50
451Sammi Toop1:20:41
452Bob Watson1:20:50
453Antoinette Dumayne1:21:01
454Justin Griffiths1:21:24
455Ian Harrhy1:23:57
456Chris Jones1:25:53
457Gavin Perkins1:26:31
458Paula Williams1:27:14
459Stuart Lukins1:27:20
460Kevin Dupé1:27:23
461Sarah Lauder1:27:39
462Oliver Hughes1:30:27
463Chris Davies1:30:58
464Peta Daniels1:31:10
465Mark Faulkner1:31:14
466Elinor Phillips1:31:50
467Liz Richards1:35:26
468Paul Dursley1:35:41
469Andrew Barry1:35:48
470Howard Attwood1:37:35
471Sam Skelton1:37:57
472Mike Pobjoy1:38:31
473Emily Chinn1:39:19
474Huw Evans1:40:19
475Sonja Breese1:44:26
476Tim Wright1:44:40
477Randal Jones1:46:25
478Dave Webster1:47:50
479Lisa Nicholls1:51:26
480Claire Scott1:53:11


Trail Run - Bluebell

Meeting Location: 
St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn, NP11 5GX

This week's trail run will be Bluebell from ABERCARN - sixish miles with a few ups and downs and hopefully this time there'll be lots of bluebells!  All abilities welcome, this is a social run with regular regrouping.

Meet St Luke's Surgery, Abercarn NP11 5GX and 6.30 for a prompt 6.45 start. 

5km Time Trial

Training Route: 
Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm

All groups 5km time trial using the Rivefront parkrun course (if you can't run and would like to volunteer please let the coaching team know!)

Group 1 - 4: Run to the start 

Group 5 - 6: Drive to the start

Time Trial start approx 19:00pm


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