Howling Bull 2018 Results

The club championship 2018 Howling Bull run. A 6 mile multi-terrain race.

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
441Jon Belcher44:11
442Sandra Chipper46:07
443Jack Rowland46:30
444Christopher Potter47:47
445Robert Davies47:49
446Emma Wookey48:17
447Lloyd Cottrell48:29
448Michael Cleaver49:47
449Matthew Mulcahy50:10
450Antoinette Dumayne50:26
451Gavin Perkins50:29
452Chris Jones51:03
453Bob Watson51:21
454Kevin Dupé51:31
455Martyn Bidwell54:45
456Paul Adams55:27
457Rachel Bowen55:28
458Sarah Lauder56:52
459Paul Dursley57:22
460Mike Pobjoy57:26
461Dave Webster58:28
462John Edwards58:42
463Huw Evans59:15
464Angela Potter59:42
465Liz Richards59:51
466Christopher Hill1:00:57
467Charlotte Moran1:01:50
468Emily Chinn1:03:07
469Sonja Breese1:05:01
470Andrew Hillis1:05:25
471Steve Crowther1:06:24
472Louise Muteham1:06:25
473Michelle Clabon1:08:37
474Yangi Vundamina1:08:38
475Nigel Richards1:10:22
476Susan Webster1:13:28
477Carl Elliott1:20:48
478Claire Scott1:27:22
479Liz Davis1:27:22
480Trudy Hurford1:27:25


5km Time Trial

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups to meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm departure.

5km timetrial (if you are unable to run but would like to volunteer please let the coaching team know)

Pembrey Gwent XC

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
441Emma Wookey25:08
442Nicky Collin25:31
443Charlotte Ralph28:12
444Ella Boorman28:28
445Sarah Lauder29:09
446Rachel Kennedy33:03
447Jeff Wherlock33:48
448Mel Shipton34:07
449Dan Whaites34:24
450Ieuan Smith34:34
451Martin Norton34:54
452Leanne Phillips36:14
453Lee Smith37:50
454Jack Rowland39:30
455Bleddyn Jones39:42
456Phil Boorman39:53
457Sam Skelton39:58
458Robert Davies40:34
459Michael Cleaver40:42
460Yvonne Forsey41:26
461Richard Basham41:32
462David Brown43:04


Severn Bridge Night Race

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
441Jon Belcher29:43
442Rhys Knight 31:57
443Christopher Potter33:16
444Robert Davies33:21
445Jack Rowland33:37
446Richard Basham34:39
447David Brown35:47
448Rachel Bowen37:29
449Martyn Bidwell37:58
450Mike Pobjoy38:47
451Randal Jones39:34
452Huw Evans39:40
453Chris Davies39:48
454Andrew Barry41:35
455Oliver Hughes41:36
456Tim Wright41:51
457Dave Webster42:19
458Alan Fishwick42:46
459Eddie McDaid44:43
460Alison Sheedy45:49
461Lisa Nicholls47:21
462Naomi Hibberd48:25
463Julie Davies48:40
464Dave Westley48:41
465Yangi Vundamina48:52
466Ann Timbrell49:42
467Julia Groombridge50:18
468Anthony Derrick51:03
469Elizabeth Mounfield51:05
470Susan Webster51:39
471Ailsa Burridge52:40
472Pauline Beckett59:04
473Chris Stewart59:09
474Claire Orford59:13
475Jane Derrick59:13
476Tracy Cooper1:03:33


Hill/Track Session

Meeting Location: 
NISV @18:30

All groups to meet at NISV at 18:30pm for an 18:45pm departure

LiRFs and CiRFs will provide full session details on the night.

Group 1 - 2: Track

Group 3 - 4: Return of Beechwood

Group 5 - 6: Track


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