EGM - Agenda

We have an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) on Wednesday 18th December at 6:30pm at the Stadium (NISV). The following subjects are to be included:

1. Election of Secretary & Treasurer

There will be a members vote for the positions which have been vacated by Paul Day (Secretary) and Steph Rhodes (Treasurer). So that you can familiarise yourself with them & why they wish to take these positions they have provided pictures & profiles:

Lisa Nicholls - Candidate For Secretary

Randal Jones - Candidate For Secretary

Gayle Sheppard - Candidate For Treasurer

2. Approval Of Consitition Changes

To allow the club's revenue to become exempt of tax (up to the threshold dtermined by HMRC) we have been obliged by HMRC to make some additions to our Constitution. In adition there have been some editorial changes. All changes are shown in the marked up document HERE.

You will be asked if your are for or against these changes.

3. 8 Free Entries for the Lliswerry 8 Race (26th January 2020) 

If you'd like to run in the Lliswerry 8 in 2020 then you can put your name in the hat for the draw to be held at the end of our EGM.