Lliswerry 8 - Course Change for 2018

Welcome to the 33rd consecutive year of the iconic Lliswerry 8 race.
It's been a challenge keeping this great road race alive while many similar races have been withdrawn from the calendar due to the substantial amount of organisation involved.
Having once again experienced considerable demand for the race, far outstripping our maximum number of places and having weathered the storm of bringing down a second entry system we thought that our main challenges were behind us. Not quite!
Due to urgent structural work necessary to avoid collapse of a section of road into the nearby reen, we have had to revise the course of the 2018 race. This has been done over the last week and has caused a shed load of extra work for the race organisers. We were reluctant to announce the change until all the paperwork & risk assessments had been updated. We're glad to say this has been done in double quick time in order to preserve our unbroken consecutive run.
The start & finish and a significant amount of the course remains unchanged. However it has been necessary to introduce a go/return section and the inclusion of a one track road to bypass the roadworks. We need participants to obey the instructions of marshals and to be courteous to all road users and residents to allow this great race to continue. Thanks for your co-operation. Here is the link to the revised course & essential safety information. Have a great race!