The Lliswerry 8 Course

The course is the same as last years and, as the names suggests, it is 8 miles long.

Approximate course profile:

It is FLAT!


Course Description

The course is set within the FLAT rural edges of Newport, through FLAT country lanes. Starting at Lliswerry Secondary School on Nash Road, Newport, there is an approximately 1 mile FLAT run out before joining a FLAT 6 mile loop. At the end of this loop, the initial FLAT mile is retraced back passed the start to the finish. This totals 8 FLAT miles.....unless you count the small humpback bridge!

There are only 4 junctions and the whole course is manned by, quote, 'the happiest, friendliest and most supportive marshals!'

 A lead car will proceed the race.

The road near the start will be closed briefly during the start but the remainder of the course will be open to traffic. Whilst the roads are quiet with relatively little traffic, your safety is paramount. THE USE OF HEADPHONES IS NOT PERMITTED.  Always keep left on the course and only cross roads when instructed to do so by a race official. 


Drinks Station
There is a drinks station with bottled water at approximately 3.5 miles. The drinks station will be signed in advance and will be on the left hand side of the road .  Please discard bottles in the bins provided to the side of the road.  They are a trip hazard to other runners. 

The Finish
The finish line is at a different location from the start and will be marked by a large arch. Your time will be recorded by the timing mat as you cross this line. You will then enter a tape funnel for 50 feet to enable us to record your race number and remove your timing chip. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP OUT OF THE FUNNEL. Once your chip is removed continue to the water table to clear the finish area.

Drinks will be available at the end of the finish funnel. You can then collect your race momento back at Newport Stadium. To exit the school complex please follow the designated route to avoid conflict with incoming runners. Please keep your race number as you will need it when you collect your race momento.