Lliswerry 8 2019 - Entries open early December

Comiserations to those of you who were unsuccessful in entering the 2018 race. The race was roughly 3 to 4 times oversubscribed. As many of you will know this additional rise in demand for race places caused the entry system to crash for which we received an apology from the service provider (see below).

Lliswerry 8 - Statement from Fabian4 regarding the problems entering the 2018 Lliswerry 8 Race

"We offer our apology for the difficulties faced by entrants to the Lliswerry 8 Race on Friday 1st December
We have handled several high demand events in the past without any problems, and so it is with deep regret that we were unable to do the same on this occasion. This was due to the exceptional demand on top of peak time entries for other races we had live at the time.
Within the first hour our system became jammed with over 3000 requests. Our initial fix for this unfortunately triggered a secondary problem linked with the payment system which took us more time to resolve. We appreciate the frustration that this must have caused and have now implemented a permanent fix to our systems which should prevent recurrence. 
Once again, we apologise most sincerely for the lack of service to Lliswerry Runners and the frustration it caused to race entrants and we wish you all a Happy Christmas and some good running before the big day on 28th January 2018
Adrian Moir


Sunday 27th January 2019 at 11:30


The 2019 Lliswerry 8 road race will take place at 11:30am on Sunday 27th January 2019. Entries will open in early December.

Pre-arranged transfers by name substitution will be accepted up until 12:00pm on Sunday 20th January. We will need to be notified of name changes by email by the original owner of the race place to the following email address: [email protected]. We will not, however, deal with the transfer of entry cost. This must be pre-arranged by the transferrer and transferee. There will be no entries or transfers on the day.

Unfortunately, due to outlay commitments, we will not be able to refund entrants who are no longer able to make the race.


For the last 30+ years Lliswerry Runners have organised the Lliswerry 8 mile road race around the lanes of Goldcliff and Nash villages on the edge of Newport. Since it was first held in 1985 entries have grown steadily and 2017 saw a record entry after the race limit was raised to 850 runners with the race limit reached within a few days of the entries opening. We are delighted to have had a full race again in 2018!  

For some runners, the Lliswerry 8 is used as a time trial race leading up to spring marathon season. For others, it's a chance to run their first road race knowing that the course is not too demanding. It is, afterall, "the flattest on the planet!" Everyone has their own target, from those at those at the sharp end to those just starting out.

The race is a very popular early season event. We believe this is because:

  • it's a great race
  • it's a great course
  • it's well organised
  • the marshals are inspiring

....But don't take our word for it. Here are some runner's testimonials taken from Runners World:

'Never fails to deliver a well organised event always a pleasure'
'Smoothly organised, good value and very well marshalled, a friendly bunch those Lliswerry runners'
'This race is impressive on so many counts - and it keeps getting better'
'Lliswerry runners, marshalls, volunteers are some of the happiest and smiliest around. Almost pancake flat route, great benchmark for speed training and marathon build up stage checking'
'Very well organised, lots of parking and toilet facilities. Marshalls very friendly and excellent T-Shirt at the end'
'Slick registration by friendly and efficient volunteers. Good race facilities, plenty of toilets and not a portaloo in sight. More smiley, helpful and very vocal marshals than I have experienced before and a nice tech Tee shirt on completion'
'Organsiation was fantastic with loads of encouraging marshalls on the course. Very impressed!'