Website Survey Analysis

Thank you to all the people who filled out the online survey for the website.

At the time of writing, we've had 70 responses, and that's given us plenty of feedback to work on how to make the website even better for you.

The majority of responders joined the club over 18 months ago, but we also had 24 people who joined in the last year. For those people, only 4 didn't look at the website when joining.

I was suprised to find that over 50% of you visit the website at least once a week, which shows we are doign something right with it, but also highlights how important it is to make sure we have all the information you need to hand.

The main reason I wanted to do this survey was to establish how well the website was working for those on smaller devices (tablet and mobile) and the survey says that 60% of people visiting the website are viewing it on these smaller devices! This is backed up by the google analytics that run on the website. The main job I am going to work on in the coming months is laying the website out in a much clearer fashion for those with smaller devices. To do this, I have taken the information about the most used areas of the website and will prioritize this in the layout.

The most popular items on the website are Training Calendar / Events page, Championship & News. A lot of people were not aware of the fact you can access your UKA number, or post your runs online. These last two are slightly more complicated to access as you need to log in, so I will try and resolve this and make things easier for you.

Finally, I had lots of ideas and feedback, from opening an online Lliswerry Shop, more information on running and injury prevention and more information on training. Overwhelmingly, a lot of members want to see an increased use of the website to show off the club, by adding profiles of members and more photos, and information on events. This is something I agree could easily be added, so in the coming weeks we'll be looking for people who can help with this and try and get more people involved in writing articles for the website. Stay tuned!