Training Groups

Training Groups

Training Groups allow runners to train according to their training goals, they allow runners to have maximum benefit from the sessions and to allow us to get sessions started quickly.

Training Groups are now assigned for all runners who completed either the Crooked Mile or the Champagne Mile. The faster time has been used if both were completed. If you did not complete either then please join a Training Group with people of similar speed.

It is the choice of the runner if he/she would like to spend a session in a more challenging group or even a slower group in the case of fatigue, potential injury etc.

You can find links to the Training Groups located at the bottom of this page.

If you are not listed (if you didn't do either of the races or you are a new member) or if you would like to change groups then no problemm just email me: [email protected].

Happy running! Chris

View the training groups here