on... Silence

Has anyone else struggled with the problem of listening to the announcements at the beginning of parkrun, but wanting music during the run? How many people are stood there, ignoring instructions because their music is playing too loud to listen, or fiddling with the earphones / buttons once they get started?

Before getting into debate about whether you should run with headphones or not, I’m offering a potential solution.

After some thought, I recorded a block of silence that can be added at the beginning of a playlist. This block of silence lasts 2.5 minutes. I put this at the top of my playlist, with an audible three second recording (Joanna Lumley, in case anyone’s still with me!) at the beginning, and between any subsequent blocks of silence. This makes sure that you are listening to silence properly, and haven’t just left your music switched off. I normally use two, so start it five minutes before the start.

Result – you can be assured of your music coming through during the run, and you can still hear the Race Director’s announcements!

If anyone wants a copy of the .MP3 file, let me know.

Unlike The Stig, I’m not keen on sharing my playlist – but you certainly know what I’m listening to at the beginning of parkrun – the Race Briefing! Music normally kicks in halfway down the first straight!