on... Pacing Stats

Random thoughts on... pacing stats

With pacing week coming up this Saturday at parkrun, and being a fan of facts and figures (especially figures), I thought I’d do a little analysis.

June’s pacer parkrun was a bit special – “midsummer madness”, providing one pacer for every minute from 20 to 35 minutes.

I took details of the runners pacing at each minute, together with the following statistics:

  • Prior parkrun PB
  • Finishing time ahead of, or after the desired pace (should be +- 15 seconds imho)
  • Number of PBs scored by people within 20 seconds before or after the pace time

I had hoped for some interesting facts and figures, but there was less that I thought, however I’ll share what I learned. Names have been removed to protect the innocent, though I have no control over your comments!

  • A whopping 64 PBs were recorded within 20 seconds before or after the pace times!
  • Pacers in the early twenties scored the most PBs
  • Two people were pretty ambitious, pacing at a time within 20 seconds of their 2013 PB
  • One pacer scored a PB for himself, coming in 36 seconds under his target pace time
  • The last two pacers finished in reverse order by two minutes
  •  And special mention is given to two pacers who completed in exactly the same time, to the second!

Superb effort by everyone though!

Normal service is resumed this week, less pacers but just as useful. Enjoy the pacers, sign-up for next month and keep the pacing going!


Btw, Anyone familiar with the term “Pace Bus”? I originally used the phrase but my proof-reader had never heard of it.