on... Gazelles and other animals

I might not look like one, but this is the animal I like to think I am.With the success of the recent “Be More Dog” advent, and the Sketchers “Go Run”, I thought that Animals warranted some investigation. If you haven’t seen the ads, click the links below – at least you’ll enjoy something from this post!



I have recently had the "honour" of being described as not one, but two different types of animal – Gazelle or Giraffe.

Personally, I favour the Gazelle moniker. While I may have the height for a Giraffe, the name translates to “fast walker” – a jogger, if you will. Also, I do not have a 20 inch tongue, and I’m not a fan of necking with other males (this is done for establishing social hierarchies and mating rights).

As for Gazelles, here’s a definition from “facts about Gazelles” - A gazelle is a small, swift graceful antelope of Africa and Asia in the genus Gazella. Gazelles are celebrated for the luster and soft expression of their eyes. They are capable of running at high speeds for long periods. Gazelles have tan buff  or  reddish brown coats with white rumps and distinctive ringed horns.

Gazelles are appreciated for their grace. The name comes from Arabic love poetry, and I have been known to knock-up a line or two in the past, so that just about sums it up.

Lliswerry has Matt the Cheetah, and the world famous Carthorse team, but I’m sure there’s a few Mustangs and Lipazanner’s in there too (together with a Shetland no doubt – “I can move fast when I want to, but only when I want to”).

As for being “more dog”, the lad is currently known as “The Whippet”, though to be honest, this name was originally coined for someone else. An excellent runner, she could frequently be seen running up a hill with her husband alongside, sweating and struggling, pedaling hard on his bike. “The Whippet” matched him stride for stride, tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth. Amazing!

Merv has spoken of a “Dachshund on steroids” visiting parkrun in the past – and there’s a tremendous article here on the running attributes of different dogs:


What animal are you? Discuss.