Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon (CC)

PositionName (click to view more results)Time
1James Elgar1:17:45
2Michael Griffiths1:21:09
3Alun King1:22:18
4Emma Wookey1:22:36
5Michael Harris1:25:53
6James Casburn1:26:05
7Tom Bland1:26:06
8Matt Creed1:26:53
9Gareth Hall1:28:17
10Chris Morris1:28:22
11Lee Smith1:29:40
12Richard Elgar1:30:19
13Louise Howells1:30:22
14Patrick Hoare1:30:30
15Dan Arthur1:31:02
16Paul Chick1:31:07
17Peter Ovey1:31:44
18Justin Pocknell1:32:19
19Simon Gill1:32:24
20Keith James1:32:48
21Oliver Harris1:33:28
22Tom Evans (Jr)1:33:40
23James Pearce1:33:48
24Mike Davies1:33:54
25Peter Burrows1:34:36
26Spencer Lewis1:35:25
27Antoinette Dumayne1:35:58
28James Foulkes-Nock1:35:59
29Kevin Russell1:36:07
30Peter Rodger1:36:50
31Neale Wood1:37:15
32Christopher Matthews1:38:15
33Tony Fidow1:38:25
34Mike Thurgood1:39:32
35Clare Biddlecombe1:40:01
36Emma Williams1:40:13
37Lyndon Mcerlaine1:40:30
38Joe Mulcahy1:41:54
39Geraint Heath1:42:35
40Paul Dursley1:42:51