Lliswerry 8 Race Entry

Lliswerry 8 news:
Firstly, apologies to everyone who had issues trying to register for our race. Following issues last year we changed our entry system company but it appears that the popularity of the race managed to break their systems also. Not much consolation but we were equally frustrated with the situation. 
After numerous conversations with the entry company, I believe the current situation is this:
That race is full. There are some who have paid but are not on the entry list as it could not keep pace. Some have been placed on the waiting list. If you have confirmation of actual payment ( not preauthorised payment for waiting list) then you have a place. 
I have been assured that the entry list will be fully up to date by 1800 Sunday. 
Some people have also reported 2 pending payments on their accounts. The entry company has assured us that if there are any double entries then they will be refunded. 
Again, apologies for the problems you experienced but we had no control over the situation. We do, however have control over the race and can promise you a great day with great support, great marshals and great cake!!

Enter here: http://www.fabian4.co.uk/default.aspx?EventID=1895


IMPORTANT: Final date for race place transfers, name changes or alterations is midnight Sunday 21st January. There will be no changes after this as the timing chips will be ordered and allocated to runners. Runners can change their own details and make their own transfers via the Fabian4 race entry page.

A live entry list can also be found on the entry page.


Affiliated: £15*

Non Affiliated: £17*

*An additional admin fee is payable to organising company. There is a race limit of 850 runners and will be a waiting list of 200.  Once these limits are reached all entries will close.  Entrants will be able to amend or change their entry on-line.

Timing chips and race numbers must be collected from Race HQ on the morning of the event


Affiliation will be checked by Welsh Athletics. If claiming the £2 affiliated discount, please ensure your affiliation membership is up to date.

The use of headphones is not permitted and will lead to disqualification.

Any abuse, verbal or physical, of marshals, school staff or fellow athletes will result in immediate disqualification.

In the event that the race is cancelled entry fees will be donated to charity after deduction of costs