Phil's Simple But Effective Sessions

The first coach to offer up some simple sessions for you to follow in Lockdown is Phil Price.

Profile - Phil Price

Phil Price has been a coach for over 35 years. He's a Life Member of Lliswerry Runners, was our very first Club Coach and was one of our founder members. In the 90's he moved to Lanzarote to coach professionally and became a staff member of Club La Santa, famous for its coaching and facilities over a number of sporting disciplines. Phil is now resident in the UK but is requested back to Club La Santa from time to time to deliver bike & running sessions and training camps. Since turning 70, Phil earned his first Welsh vest, competing against tough home country opposition. 

Phil Price - Running & Cycling Coach

He has created a series of training sessions which can be easily followed by members training alone. One is an interval session to improve speed & the other is a hill session to improve strength & stamina. Please feel free to tackle one or both in a week but ensure they are not on consecutaive days.

Before undertaking any sessions please remind yourself of our Safety Code which includes guidance about social distancing and protecting yourself from COVID-19 virus. Please chose quiet places to train, avoid stepping into the road and ensure social distancing. Stop & restart if necessary to keep safe.

Week 1 - Weds 29th April (Week 2 below)

Hello fellow athletes, find below an introduction to our run sessions for this week.  We will begin with some fairly easy sessions. 

Sessions ideally will have two easy days between them and will have a 15 mins warm up and same warm down. 

Session 1. 10 x 1min effort with 1 min jog between,important that the effort is only enough to allow you to be able keep running.

Session 2. Hill session
8-10 x100m approx elevation similar to hill up to Hartridge school,again keep at a level that you are able to turn at the top and jog down as recovery, then start again straight away.
These should be good to practice pacing as well.

Week 2 - Weds 6th May (Week 3 below)

Don't forget, sessions ideally will have two easy days between them and will have a 15 mins warm up and same warm down.

Sessions for the week. 

Session 1. 15 mins w.u and down. 3k or 15 min effort,depends on whether you have GPS or not. Effort should be approx 20 secs per km slower than parkrun PB pace. 

Session 2. Hill session as week 1 but after your middle rep you put in a 4min effort on the flat, 1min jog dynamic recovery, then carry on with the session. Good luck.

Week 3 - Weds 13th May (Week 4 below)

Sessions for the week:

Session 1. 15mins warm up & down. Then 30secs easy run pace straight into 30secs perceived 5k pace X 20 to 30.

Session 2. Hill session same as week 2 but add flat effort of 4mins at the end.

Idea for extra session(s). 

Plyometrics,very basic.
Up to 5 mins of:

  • Skipping no rope needed, hopping one leg and two.
  • Jump two footed up onto a step and down again, 4inch height max to begin.

Working on expanding and contracting muscles in your legs to make them more elastic.
Warm up and stretch muscles before, perform on a soft surface where possible and wear your shoes to begin with.
Anyone with ankle,knee or hip problems should steer clear.
Perform 2 to 3 times a week.

Week 4 - 20th May (Week 5 below)

Session 1 - Speed intervals 

10-15mins warm up and down
4mins,3mins,2mins,1min continuous x 1 or 2
Pace 4 mins perceived half marathon
Pace 3 mins                    10k
Pace 2 mins.                     5k
Pace 1 mins.                 Under 5k.                   
If you choose 2sets then 2-3mins walk/jog recovery.
10-15 mins cool down. 

Session 2 - Hill Session
30 to 45mins continuous on an undulating route,working hard on any incline and easy on downhill as recovery,flat can be easy or medium pace as you feel.

Long run option
Occasionally try a split run of say 10k am and 5k pm or other variations of the total,studies have shown this to be quite beneficial.

Week 5 - 27th May (Last week in the mini series)

Session 1 - Speed intervals

10 to 15 mins warm up & down
10 -15 x 1min effort with 1min walk/jog recovery between.

Session 2 - Hill Session

10-15 mins warm up and down 
8 -10 x 1 min fast up with jog down recovery.

Happy training & hope youve enjoyed these sessions and that theyve helped you add backa bit of structure into your running week. Over to Emma Wookey for the next mini series of simple sessions which you can do on your own or with members of your household.