35 Challenges for 35 Years!

To celebrate the club's 35th birthday we have prepared 35 challenges involving the numbers "3" and the "5" for you to attempt in July.

So eyes down, legs in!
It’s the Lliswerry Runners July Bingo Challenge! 
  • You can complete the challenges in any order just cross off the boxes as you go throughout the month and even fill the board for a FULL HOUSE.
  • You can complete as many as you like in 1 day, it's up to you. 
  • The Bingo Card includes a "Wildcard". This is your own personal challenge for the month of July. So get creative!
  • We've also included 5 separate 5km runs which can also serve as your (not)parkruns if you wish.
  • Our Special Edition"Lliswerry 35" T shirt will be delivered in July
  • Post your pictures in our Facebook group.

Safety Reminders:

Click on image to download your Bingo Card or click here for PDF version.


  • If you feel unwell then back off until you feel better or get yourself checked out.
  • Remember to keep hydrated while exercising during summer months.
  • If you're not sure how to do a good lunge or squat or any of the excerises then then our very own Jacqui Tudhope will provide a demo or check out Joe Wicks's You Tube Videos to show you the correct way.https://youtu.be/soZvXfoEEi8