Lliswerry at The Adidas Thunder Run - 24 Hrs Endurance Events Shouldn't Be This Much Fun!

Take a farm in Derbyshire, a sunny weekend in July (26th/27th) & about 1500 runners and what do you get....Adidas Thunder Run, a 24 hour off-road relay race against the clock.

Chris & Ceri - 100km each!

Beginners Group Is Up & Running!

Would you like to start running or do you know somebody who would like to? There's still the opportunity.

Lliswerry Runners & our friends at Caerleon Running Club have joined forces to be able to offer a "Couch to 5k" programme which builds up to completing a 5km (3 miles) run gently over 9 weeks. 

It's free of charge and there is no obligation to join either or any club. We just want to get more people running and enjoying the health benefits, personal confidence and fun that running in company offers. You will be coached by UK Athletics Qualified Leaders in Running Fiteness and Coaches in Running Fitness, who are always happy to give you advice about training, shoes, clothing etc.

Please don't worry about your standard of fitness. We will take you through a programme which is approved by the NHS. However, if you have existing medical conditions and are unsure if you are able to join, then please obtain advice from your GP to be on the safe side.

So please use the "Contact Form" under the "Contact Us" tab above and we can let you know more details or add you to our list of beginners.